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Step by Step

16. Januar 2021

Step by Step‘ is a project in which we place a ladder in between two companies of Quartier Canal (the industrial zone of Hasselt). The supervisors of each company are invited for a three course vegan meal, made by a local food enthusiast. After each course the guests have to ascend one step on the ladder to receive the next meal. In our first try-out we invited Dries Pierre from nightclub Muziekodroom and Ward Dumon from repair service Servilux to enjoy their lunch break together. Normally they only meet for business talk, but within the playful atmosphere of ‚Step by Step‘ they were able to talk about the unspoken. By climbing their way up to the dessert, they literally get closer to each other, step by step.

In today’s economy, most objects are made with a presupposed purpose. Once it loses this purpose it often gets labeled as waste. Studio Oebjet Troevee wants to change the perspective towards these forgotten objects. As a modern homo habilis of the 21st century we can again force ourselves to dive into the possibilities of these objects and give them a new purpose. When re-using objects, our focus lies on creating concepts that help improve the social and urban environment. These objects were initially forgotten by the city and its inhabitants, which is why we search for ways to re-implement them in the city, through a different form and function, to put them again at the service of its inhabitants.


16. Januar 2021


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