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Anna Katharina Jansen – Ausstellung: Send love

29. Januar 2021 - 28. Februar 2021

In times of a worldwide pandemic we can’t meet friends + family as easy and often as we want to. It’s easy to feel lonely + miss these people. As a lover of analog post, i want to animate people to make their loved ones smile by receiving a postcard. Send some compliments, a funny story, the latest rumors, a guessing game, send an anonymous postcard, a recipe or some fun lockdown activities, send a silly drawing or some nudes, send love in any way!
Anna created a set of postcards – everyone could pick up for free at the „GRAVUR“ Concept Store in Aachen, Schlossstraße 15, – where you’ll also find a little window exhibition to promote this project. 
Part of hello creator Festival starting by January, 29 until the end of February.
Find more info on instagram @AnnaKatharinaJansen
My name is Anna – i’m a freelancing illustrator from Aachen, Germany. A bachelor in Communication Design, a Master in Illustration and a lot of motivation brought me where i am today: Working with coolest clients, labels and designers from all over the world. Drawing illustrations for products i never dreamt about and creating my very own papeterie series to sell in coolest design shops all over Europe. 


29. Januar 2021
28. Februar 2021
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Schloßstraße 15
Aachen, 52066 Germany
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