Profilbild Johannes Lindner

„Exil-Euregio-Creator“ Johannes Lindner im Interview

An „Exiled Euregio Creator“ in an interview with CEATOPIA? Definitely! Johannes Lindner studied in Aachen, worked for a while in the Euregio as a product designer and now lives and works in Ansbach. In his work, Johannes Lindner focuses on products that are characterised by clear lines, functionality and aesthetic quality in the Scandinavian design tradition.

As a former Aachen resident, he talks about his design work and life as a designer in Bavaria and the Euregio in a short interview with CREATOPIA.

Interview with Johannes Lindner

Foto: Connox

Who are you?

I studied architecture in Aachen at the RWTH Aachen University and founded my own design studio in 2014 next to my studies. At the moment, the studio is mainly focusing on product and modern furniture design and works with commissions from a wide of international design companies including Skandiform, Flensted, Magisso and others.

What is the best thing about being a designer?

I appreciate the work process as such. I enjoy working with others and I am very interested in collaborations with companies in driving new solutions and projects. It is an exciting process, working  form the first idea to the finished product. As a designer you often make the first step of a project and determine quite a lot from the beginning; what materials will be used, but also how the product can be recycled later on. As designers and architects we have the opportunity to find sustainable solutions. This is becoming more and more important because the impact on the environment is increasing and so the way we deal with production.

Your daily work in 3 sentences.

When I’m not traveling, I start work around 8 a.m., go through my emails, organize appointments, and then go back to sketching and working out ideas or have client appointments, so I’m done with work around afternoon. Still, like all creative studios, there are crazy days when you work outside of your usual studio hours. Good creative ideas don’t always come at the speed you’d like them to.

What things/ incidents/ places etc. do you like to remember when you think of the Euregio?

There are countless things, personal encounters and stories that I like to remember. When you study in a small city like Aachen, you experience it as very lively, you go out a lot and make many new experiences, get to know new people. What I remember positively is the cultural diversity in Aachen, which also makes it easier to explore related disciplines such as art and photography, among others. The Aachen University has a very good architectural education and I am glad and grateful to have studied there. I still have a great connection to Aachen and a lot of friends there.

What is the best thing about being a designer in the Euregio? What is the best thing about being a designer in Bavaria?

For me, the Euregio stands for diversity and openness and offers the opportunity to look across the border. The Rhineland cheerful nature usually thinks very positively. Bavaria is more conservative. Here, as a designer, I appreciate the high density of companies and suppliers and the close connection to traditional crafts.

Your best work so far?

The “Twig” chair is one of my favorites for now. It transports a minimalist aesthetics by balancing opposites: classic and modern, sculptural and minimalist, creating a unique and strong expression. The characteristic round element, provides elbow and lower back support and enable variety of sitting positions. At the same time jacket, scarf or bag can be hung over it, while the round timber profile makes it easy to grap and move.

What are you planning next?

At the moment I am working on new projects in the field of furniture and product design. Perhaps the studio will also move forward on multidisciplinary projects such as interior design and architectural projects.