Ausstellung flying pages in der Galerie vorn und oben

Short interview with Nora Huszka about the hello creator festival, art and the corona pandemic

Nora Huszka is an artist and creatrix who brings her powerful and profound images directly from her subconscious onto the canvas. Her images are both – dreamy and very much alive. Her self-published works, Gypsy Palace Tarot (2013) and Starlight Dragon Tarot (2016) have won international awards. „Painting and drawing are my main ways of expression,“ she describes in an interview with CREATOPIA. But poetry is also among the many ways of expression of Nora’s creativity: „Poetry and graphic design are my long-term love affairs that form new passions and projects.“

In her latest art book, Flying Pages, she brings these diverse, creative expressions together in one work. The Flying Pages exhibition at Galerie Vorn und Oben, which also takes place as part of the hello creator festival, unites the most diverse forms of artistic expression. In a short interview with CREATOPIA, Nora Huszka talks about the hello creator festival, her art and the exhibition.

Interview with Nora Huszka

Who are you? And what do you do?

I am Nora Huszka, freelancer artist exploring herself and the world through diverse medium. Painting and drawing are my main ways of expression, poetry and graphic design are my long-term love affairs that form new passions and projects. Like my latest artbook, Flying Pages.

My art serves as a doorway between conscious and subconscious and invite the public to discover their own archetypical story, make the invisible visible.

Can you describe your plans for the hello creator festival?

We have many surprises to tell you! First of all, the Flying Pages exhibition at Galerie Vorn und Oben is open for visitors live and online. Besides the presentation of artbook itself, the originals are exhibited and the poems come alive on the walls.

And there’s even more. On the 24th of January we invite you to a stream event with art, poetry, video art and music directly from our bed. Two charming and exceptional poet colleagues, Nadja Heck and Jessy James Lafleur will also present their pioneering new projects.

Art can take any form at this event: Marco Iannicelli tells his story in wood, Fabian Seibert in latex.

2020 was a special year. What did or do you have to pay special attention to due to the Corona Pandemic?

I believe in the increased importance of high-quality soul food that should be served. The pandemic is a process that shakes us from our foundations and showing presence, motivation and courage is most needed. It is also important to stay flexible and offer alternatives: a virtual example for that is streaming, a more traditional and off-screen option can be as simple, as an artbook. Art for take-away. We need it like our coffee!

Why are you participating in the hello creator festival?

I love the idea of diversity. Specially in this creative field we have abundance of fresh ideas and innovative projects that can easily be discovered … but it needs a bit of research. The festival fantastically brings that together! I find it thrilling to learn and exchange with other professionals in their ’natural environment‘ and feel grateful to connect and introduce my work to this international audience.

What do you see as the advantages of a decentralized festival like the hello creator festival?

This offers loads of freedom. As it turns out, streaming can make it possible to have an intimate and valuable festival experience even if we don’t have the possibility to explore these diverse locations in person.

Do you plan to visit other events of the festival?

Absolutely! I truly miss live music, so I am excited to hear the Masterones for example. The Tarot Thinking Workshop sounds very fascinating too, where I could deepen my Tarot knowledge. I wish a great start to each creator and many curious visitors for the festival!